Create Your Own Online Photoshop Using Notepad

Have you ever thought to use your own Photoshop? Yes, I’m talking about your personal online Photoshop which you can use right from your desktop. Many online & offline application exit, they are useful, but it takes lots of your net usage. If you’re using a limited usage broadband then you’re not able to use these kinds of services available today on net.
Lastly, I have shown you how to lock any folder using notepad now i’ll show how to create your own Photoshop. Using notepad you can create your own online Photoshop which works exactly same as your desktop Photoshop works or any other online editing application like Picnic.

Creating your own Photoshop
It’s quite easy to create your own Photoshop using notepad, all you have to do is open your notepad, copy the following code which I listed, paste it & save it as Online Photoshop.html (take any name of your choice) in your desktop (or anywhere you want). Download Code (4kb)
Now you’re one step away from your application to use. There you have two options to use your newly made application. Upload somewhere to use or right click on the same icon you have saved in your desktop and open it with Firefox or IE. That’s it and you’re done!

Using Application

If you’re familiar with Photoshop or you know the basic of it then you can use this application without facing any difficulties but if you’re new to Photoshop then you might face difficulties as it’s exactly same to the desktop version of your Photoshop. In that case you can use Picnic for your online editing. Picnic has a wide range of variety of tools to give your pictures a better new look.
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