Disable Facebook Unless You Have Notifications to Check

Today hundred thousands of people working online, from kids to teenagers, from grownup kids to old people, everyone is involved in an online business, doing their own stuff online one thing is common between every age group is social network – Facebook. Doesn’t matter you are a kid or you have kids everyone is on Facebook. It is good to be in touch with friends & family being online on Facebook but it becomes really disturbing when you are at work or working from the same browser that has Facebook opened. I don’t know about you but for me as a Graphic Designer it distract from work and same for many freelance writer.

In that case, the only help you can do of yourself is to control you from using Facebook while working or install any blocking social networking extension on your browser to block FB permanently. Or, you can do a little better, use Facebook Nanny on your browser chrome to disable Facebook unless you have notifications to check or chat that you wanted to read.


Facebook Nanny – Disable Facebook

While other extensions just block your access completely, Facebook Nanny just removes the distraction from Facebook while still allows you to communicate with the world freely. And that’s what makes this extension better than other available extensions on net. It doesn’t allow you to waste your valuable time, and so it helps you keep away from Facebook. Whenever you visit Facebook it gives you only one minute to check each notification and 15 seconds when you don’t have any notifications. For instance, you visit Facebook and you have no notification to check Facebook Nanny automatically detects that you are going to waste time so it gives only 15 seconds to you to stay. This way it helps!

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So all you need to do is installed this extension once on your browser chrome and forget that you owe a Facebook account unless you have a notification to check. As I mentioned earlier, Facebook Nanny don’t disable Facebook completely you still can access your Facebook Profile or Messages by clicking into the given option. This extension just keeps you away from your Facebook feed.

  1. Gives you one minute to check each notification. And if you don’t have notifications you only get 15 seconds.
  2. You could not access to Facebook until you receive another notification.
  3. You still are allowed to access messages and your profile at any time, so you can still update status and can chat with your friends.

Another good thing about Facebook Nanny is it does not allow you to change the amount of time you’re allowed to spend on Facebook. That means you can’t take break from work. If you find yourself being distracted by Facebook then this little extension is worth a help.

Download and install this extension by Clicking up here.

You can do more with its new version.

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12 thoughts on “Disable Facebook Unless You Have Notifications to Check”

  1. This can really be useful unless you’re not too much addicted 😉 In worst cases noting will stop but the project deadline.

  2. Yeah great article,

    these facebook notifications are irritating and believe me most of them are coming from tagging of photos and groups. It will waste our lot of time.

    Thanks will try all your tips.

    1. I didn’t get what you have written in your comment. I mean, this article is about how you can save you from being distracted by Facebook and not on how you get yourself save from notifications.

      1. Yes irfan, the main intention in my above is im getting distracted by hell of notification :(, Sorry for the unrelated comment.

        However i’ve installed “Facebook Nanny” in my chrome browser, which awesome i can get all the information with opening it. thanks

  3. Haha 😉 This is nice, but I can no way use this! Disabling facebook for a sec is like holding both my legs in the air!

    BTW, have you yet taken part in my giveaway of Commentluv premium?

  4. It`s is good to have such type of application.I installed Nanny it is of use to me.I am addicted to face book and i used to spend lot of time in FB.Now,i am able to prevent wastage of time by spending in Facebook for hours together.

  5. Really sometimes a facebook notification hesited me.
    Sometimes i disable my facebook but i give not much better solution to me because i can’t chat with my friends . It`s is good to have such type of application. I installed it is of use to me.i used to spend lot of time in FB. now,i am able to prevent wastage of time by spending in Facebook for hours together.

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