What are the Risks and Disadvantages of Cloud Storage?

Before taking a decision, it is essential to view all the risks and disadvantages of cloud storage, which do not normally look strong enough to outweigh the great benefits of the service.  There are risks or disadvantages involved in everything, and cloud storage is no exception.

Now it seems that the number of companies and professionals joining the cloud stream is growing at a considerably rapid pace.  At the same time, more and more cloud service providers are entering the arena with their attractive offers, persuasive enough to lure customers.  Of course, there are many advantages and benefits of availing a cloud storage service but, on the other hand, there are certain risks and disadvantages of cloud storage services which one must be fully aware of in order to prevent any harmful surprises later on.

No matter how advanced and latest technology a service is based on, it won’t be free from certain risks or disadvantages, and unless a safer and rational approach is done, things may not always go favorably.  In case of availing a cloud storage service, it is imperative to take a closer look on the possible negative side of this technology in order to take the necessary steps before and after availing a cloud service.  We discuss below the main risks and disadvantages which are normally associated with cloud storage services.


Argued Downsides of Cloud Storage

Data security is the main concern when it comes to avail a cloud storage service.  You store all the data on a common server at a remote location where you don’t have any control over your data or over any kind of activity that goes on there.  In fact, you give your data in strange hands where it can either be kept well protected or can get damaged due to any shortcoming of the service or disaster.  This is what that risks many people who consider keeping the data stored locally will be safer despite being less economical.

Theft, hacking or data loss due to any natural or accidental disaster very much becomes a part of data security concern.  There have been some security breaches in very prominent cloud storage services, and we can’t forget how the hurricane Sandy had disrupted the cloud services recently.  Natural disasters are something that remains out of control of human hands and anything can happen despite the precautionary measures taken in advance.   However, this aspect is very serious but it shouldn’t be taken as a risk factor exclusively for cloud storage services since if such things happen, not only the cloud centers but our local storage can also become vulnerable to damages; and in fact, local storages normally aren’t protected as much as a professional cloud storage service.

Potential Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

Here, we can add a list of few potential disadvantages:

  • The stored data remains out of your control
  • Accessibility of data can be interrupted due to any reason
  • A faster internet speed is essential
  • Limited expandability
  • Lack of backup security measures
  • The cloud company may go out of business or operation

And many such potential disadvantages can be associated with cloud storage services.  However, if you approach most of such downsides with a practical or reasonable frame of mind, you would realize that there are risks and disadvantages always associated with any technology, not just with cloud; then why to blame the cloud technology alone.  Moreover, if you are careful enough to choose a credible service vendor, then most of the negative aspects lose their intensity as your data will be well taken care of.

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  1. I have always been a skeptic of cloud storage and while I thought this article was going to validate my fears I think your concluding statements made a valid point. THERES RISK IN ANYTHING!!! Great Article!

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