This Independence Day You Can Download Gandhiji Font

Today is August 15, our country India got freedom from Britishers this day. A special day for this country, a very special day for those who lives in India, and so a very special day for all RealTimeTricks readers out there, we have came with an introduction of Gandhiji Font which you can download this independence day in your computer.

download gandhiji font

This independence day you can bring Gandhiji Font in your computer to give your writing a Gandhiwadi look (No explanation need for this term). Typographers from Leo Burnett have created this marvelous Gandhiji font in Devanagari, but now it’s is available in English font too (thanks to the team). You can Download Gandhiji Font from here by clicking on the link given.

Being in touch is required for the promotion of this great Font so I’d recommend everyone to join them on Facebook and be a part of the ‘change’ they are trying to bring in or Enjoy Gandhiji font differently by using this unique applications – A must developed application for mobile users.

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