Everything you should know about Google Panda [Infograph]

Google Panda has now become the biggest fear to those who runs blogs/sites everyone wants to prevent their site from being affected. Google Panda updates has effect several sites now and so people want to know every tactics behind this algorithm to protect blog’s from being affected.

Single Grain has explained everything very beautifully about Google Panda in this Infograph. This will help you learn everything about Google Panda, Panda Timeline, what makes your site vulnerable, link building rules, and many other helpful effective ways. Click on the Infographic to get bigger resolution.

Google Panda in Plain English

Google Panda Infographic
Google Panda Infographic

Once you are done with this infograph take a look here. Google Panda in plain English says – panda acts as a quality filter on search results, using survey data to determine desirable and undesirable site characteristics.

What Makes Your Site vulnerable?

  • A low amount of original content on a site.
  • Low or no quality inbound links to a page or site.
  • Low visit times on a page or site.
  • A high % of duplicate content this might apply to individual pages, to the entire site or both.
  • High bounce rate on a page or site.
  • A high % of pages with low original content.
  • High % of boilerplate content.
  • A high amount of irrelevant adverts.
  • Page content and title tag not matching search.
  • Unnatural overuse of a word on a page.

New Link Building Rules


  • Build brand-name anchor text links.
  • Use content-based link building.
  • Aim for quality, and not quantity.
  • Use on-site linkbait to draw extra links.


  • Avoid using the same anchor text for links.
  • Don’t use article spinning services to build links.
  • Avoid article marketing when link-building.
  • Avoid links in guest posts that aren’t relevant.

What To Do If Your Site’s Been Hit

  • Locate problem.
  • Break it down.
  • Delete + improve.
  • Streamline.
  • Promote on social media.

Make as many of these changes as you can at once. This helps shake the penalty quickly. You can also request reconsideration of your site through webmaster tool.

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