Ex-Blocker Helps You Make No Connection With Your Ex

If you’re in facebook or in any other social network similar to it and are waiting for any application or plug-in which may help you make no connection with your ex then this might be for you.
Ex-blocker is an application for those who want no connection with their ex anymore. It will not delete that person you’re selecting but block him/her so you can know what he/she is doing but that person would not be able to check what you’re doing. It’s a simple application which can be used from any browser like chrome, Firefox, IE.
Link to Ex-Blocker – Click Here
Visit the site by using above link and after selecting your browser you can simply type Name and facebook or other social network username upto five and can install Ex-Blocker making their every image and mention disappear. Within 2 weeks of its launch more than 900 despised lovers have downloaded the plug-in from the website and now counts turns to 5,881. You can make it 5,882 😉

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