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Downtweet, Newsnang and Statusreel are such great tools that help you conduct relevant information at one place so that you don't skip your daily read.

The internet is one of the amazing and unique innovations that man has ever achieved. It has enabled several people from all walks of life the freedom to construct and access any kind of educative, informative and entertaining information from their own comfort. However, for one to be able to conduct all these activities, convenience is crucial. To be able to acquire convenience, you need to source for better tools like downtweet, Newsnang and Statusreel.

These are some of the most efficient platforms that will ensure that all your web based activities and needs are met without any hiccups. These web based platforms are very unique in their own ways and what’s even more about them is that they are affiliated to social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook which are the most accessible and widely used platforms allover the world. This is particularly very important to people who need to be network with the rest of the world on economical, social and even political levels.

Downtweet, Newsnang and Statusreel
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Downtweet is web based and directly affiliated the micro social blogging site Twitter. With downtweet, those who use twitter for connecting to the rest of the world are able to share their views and experiences, get information from other people and organizations in a more efficient way. It enables users to receive all the tweets from the feed of any particular topic of their choice, for instance, news, music, trade, technology among others. Here, one receives four separate boxes with different search facilities to ensure that they are able to get a more accurate result with regards to your search. In offers the option of either dragging and dropping of pre-selected feed categories into the stream boxes or the creation of custom feed stream. Remember, to be able to use downtweet, no sign up is required since all the activities are web based. Visit – Downtweet

Statusreel on the other hand is linked to the popular social networking site Facebook. Connecting to it does not need any sign up process for Facebook users. However, those who would like to access it, will have to join Facebook. The most unique aspect of Statusreel is that it allows the users to be able to search and receive any kind of information that they need in the most convenient way and format. For instance, if you are a party animal, you are able to search the word party from the tab provided and be able to get all relevant information. You are able to view all the people talking about parties that happened, are yet to happen and even get information on how to gain access to the parties. Visit – Statusreel

Newsnang is also web based and offers the latest and updated information that is newsworthy. It also does not require you to sign up in order to be able to get the live news that you need. The site also offers search options whereby you are able to conduct any search, for instance when you insert maybe the name of a country like China, you are able to get all the relevant information about China and everything newsworthy that is happening in China at that particular time. If you want to stay updated and informed, these are the ideal platforms for you. Visit – Newsnang

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Downtweet, Newsnang and Statusreel are such great tools that help you conduct relevant information at one place so that you don't skip your daily read.

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