Go Offline With Facebook Advanced Chat Settings

I already have written a post on – Go offline for few while chatting with selective friends with the help of lists feature, but with this feature you have to prepare a list first and then with that list you can put yourself online or offline for selective number of people listed on your list, but with Facebook advanced chat settings you can put yourself offline for an individual just by typing his/her name. I’ll tell you how!

Whenever it comes to security Facebook provides their users a better experience online than any other social networking websites and this is what makes Facebook popular.

In this article I’ll tell you everything about Facebook advanced chat settings and also their steps to follow. Just read and follow the steps mention below.

facebook advanced chat settings

Every Thing About Facebook Advanced Chat Settings

With Facebook advance chat setting,

  • You can turn chats on for just a few friends
  • You can turn chats off for everyone
  • You can make yourself unavailable for video calling
  • You can turn chats on or off for friend lists
  • And you can quickly turn off chat for one friend.

To use the above features you first need to get into Facebook advanced chat settings and to get into the settings follow the below steps.

  1. Click the gear menu in the chat sidebar
  2. And select Advanced Settings
  3. After clicking Advance Setting one pop up window will appear on your screen with three options exactly like the first Screenshot.

facebook advanced chat settings

  • If you use Turn on chat for all friends except… you will make yourself available for everyone (your friends) except the name or list you put into the given box. This option helps you go offline for few individuals.

 facebook advanced chat settings

  • If you use Turn on chat for only some friends… you will make yourself unavailable for everyone (your friends) except the name or list you put into the given box. This option helps you go online for few individuals.

 facebook advanced chat settings

  • And if you use Turn off chat… this option will help you go offline for everyone.

facebook advanced chat settings

Note: When chat is off, messages from friends go to your inbox for you to read later.

How do I make myself unavailable for video calling?

It also works same, like when you are available for chat, you are also available for video calling. You should keep this in mind that only confirmed friends can call you on Facebook, and you always have the option to ignore any call you receive. To control who sees you online, follow the above mentioned steps in Facebook Advanced Chat Settings.

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  1. Hi Irfan,

    just now i noticed about this advanced chatting setting, now i can put some annoying friends to offline forever. Thanks for awesome post.

  2. Wow – I haven’t heard of these advanced settings before. However, now I will start using them on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing and opening my eyes on Facebook little-known features

  3. Never noticed this before. Thanks for sharing Irfan 🙂

  4. I never knew about this option to switch off the chat for some members. Thank you for showing the way to control my chat friends.

  5. Can you tell me what function I need to use so that friends can’t see when I was last online. In the chat bar it usually tells you when people were last online. Some of my friends have this blank. I want to know how I can activate this function.

    Thank you

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