Find Out When Your Twitter Friends Sleep

Are you the one who is interested to know more about your friends life and not yours? Good, there’s tool available for you guys too on internet but unfortunately  it only tells you when your twitter friends sleep so if you’re interested to know there sleeping pattern then Amit Agrawal OnlineTools might helps.


It determines the whole sleeping pattern after analyzing the last 0 tweets of the twitter account you provide. If the sleep chart appears way off the mark, that means the person behind that twitter account have not specified the correct time zone and if your finding yours sleeping chart, please ensure that you have specified the correct time zone in your Twitter account settings.

Find Out When Your Twitter Friends Sleep

That means now you’re blessed with the tool to find the whole sleeping pattern of your favourite blogger, bollywood stars, hollywood stars, or personal twitter account holder. I’m sure you’re excited to test the tool by yourself, here is the link to SleepingTool.

According to Sleeping Tool i sleep whole night, from 11PM to 7AM (8 hours sleep). Find out yours or find your favorite tweeter account holder.

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  1. @Khalid: Of course not 100% accurate result it gives but gets pretty close if you are an active Twitter user.
    And yeah if i don't sleep whole night it doesn't mean i'll be active on twitter. 😉

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