Find YouTube Videos You Watched a Month Back and Forgot the Title

We play videos on YouTube, in which few we like few we found boring and few becomes our favorite but as we don’t contain hard disk to store all our memories we forgot the title of the video we watched lastly on YouTube. So if you want to check the videos you have watched in last few months on YouTube then these easy steps will make you find your forgotten video you watched a month back on YouTube.

Easy Steps to Find History on YouTube
1) You need to login to your YouTube account to check history.
2) After login click on YouTube My History this will show you a list of videos you watched over the past few months. Now if you want to delete the unwanted videos from your list, select and delete.

Also, you are allowed to check the videos you liked and favorite at the time you have watched video. This feature is also useful for parents who want to check their children’s YouTube activities. Hope to see more features YouTube launch this year.

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