Firefox Add-on to Translate Facebook Status Updates & Comments

Add-on’s are always helpful for our browser. Today while surfing I have found one more useful add-on for Firefox users. Maximum of us having friends outside our country and in most of them don’t know English therefore in that condition we eagerly needed translator to read their status or comments.

Firefox Add-on to Translate (Facebook Translate)
So here it is, if you got friends around the world, and stay in contact via Facebook? But they won’t update their status in English? Now you can translate status updates and comments on Facebook with a single click.
This add-on helps you translate status updates and comments on Facebook with a single click. Remember after installation you need to select language first of your Add-on. To do this you need to follow these steps, Tools > Add-ons > Facebook Translate > Preferences.
This add-on is using Google Translation API so you don’t need to worry about any third party usage inside your facebook as its your friendly Google only ; ). If you remember, lastly we have added bubble translate to translate languages inside browser. Now I think this one will be the most helpful to translate facebook status and comment updates.

Beta Version of Firefox Add-on to Translate (Beta Channel)
The Beta Channel lets you test an experimental new version of this add-on before it’s released to the general public. Once you install the beta version, you will continue to get updates from this channel. You can like them on facebook too.

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