How To: Fix Too Loud Too Low Sound in Movies

Too loud too low sound in movies is a common problem that happens while watching movies especially during night hours on PC or laptop. You may have notice that it happen mainly when a scene changes in a particular movie all of a sudden you hear a very loud sound coming out of the speaker of your PC or Laptop and within seconds it goes to too low pitch which may sometimes disturb the person sleeping around you even you get irritated of setting sound every time it spikes loud.

Only solution to fix Too Loud Too Low sound in movies is to put headphone on your ears to let others sleep peacefully or take help of an application – Sound Lock, to tackle down the problem. This application tackles the problem that you encounter while watching late night movies or TV shows on your computer.

fix too loud too low sound in movies

How Sound Lock Application Works

By installing sound lock on your PC or Laptop you no longer need to set volume manually, just set the desired volume you wish to hear in that particular movie throughout and this application will adjust sudden loud spikes automatically.

Means once you set the volume, this application detects the loudness of playback and decreases it to the level you have just set – all automatically. You no need to rush to slow down the volume during loud scenes, sound lock will take care of it.

Once the installation is been done sound lock runs under the system tray. You may just required to double click the icon present on the icon tray – task bar, to get into the main interface from there you can set turn the Sound Lock on and off. Also, you can set the required sound on your comfort.

fix too loud too low sound in movies

Under, the program settings interface. You may found the filter mode and the output device. Using the filter mode you can filter the volume per channel or you can directly use a single master volume – all according to your comfort.

fix too loud too low sound in movies

And with the output device you can put the channels to control or just go with default limits. Sound Lock works only on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Server 2008. They are doing their best in order to enable Sound Lock on various operating systems. Right now it’s only limited to the above operating systems.

You can visit to DOWNLOAD this useful application on your computer from here.

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  2. I can really relate to this. I have so many experience with this problem while watching movie at home.
    I’ve never been familiar with Sound Lock… But this sounds really good. I wanted to try this for my PC.
    Thanks for sharing about this.

  3. Bro, nice post but you could have simplified the title like “How to troubleshoot volume fluctuations in videos” instead of “How To: Fix Too Loud Too Low Sound in Movies”
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  4. Hi Irfan,
    thank you very much indeed for sharing this solution. At last, I won’t need to use my headphones every time I want to watch something after my daughter goes to bed.
    P.S. I like your title as it is.

  5. Thanks for this solution. It happened to me so many times but never thought to find a solution. Thanks for the tips. By the way the image you have used in this post suits to the post very much.

  6. Irfan when i download MP3 Tracks from internet, few of my fav songs are in very low voice, and i can not find them in higher but rate, is this helpful for same as well

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