Flintr – Mosaic Without Using Photoshop

Now, one can create a mosaic style picture without doing any hard work in Photoshop. It’s quite hard to create A Photo with Photos (mosaic) using PS. Now there is no need of PS to create mosaic style picture when Frintr is available.


What are Mosaic style pictures?
It’s a poster in which one photo is to be fill with many smaller photos, or at least, many copies of a couple of smaller photos. If you view the photo from a distance, you’ll see the larger main photo, and if you view it up close, you’ll see all the smaller photos inside of it.
What is Frintr?
It’s a free online application in which one can easily create a mosaic style picture without doing any hassle. Frintr gives you two options upload your photo from your hard disk or let them chose your profile picture of FB, Twitter or MySpace by default. It will then take all your friends profile pictures available in your profile and creates a large mosaic style picture.
I have given Frintr a try to find out how it will turn my profile picture into a mosaic style picture but unfortunately I’m having a limited number of friends therefore my mosaic style picture is not so clear (It requires a large amount of friends). The more number of friends you have the more good resolution you’ll get in your picture or better pay a reasonable 99¢ fee for generating high-resolution posters other wise its free to create unlimited mosaic.
Link to Flintr – Click Here 
Let us know in comments how good you’ve created your mosaic picture!

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