Get Desktop Notifications of Your Chat Messages and Emails in Pop-ups

Usually we won’t stay for a long in one window of our browser. We constantly move from one tab to another and just because we were not looking at our Gmail window we miss most of our important chat messages and emails.
You have seen your chat messages of yahoo messenger come in pop-ups when you’re not looking into it? In the same way using Gmail in chrome you can get your chat messages and emails in pop-ups. For instance, you’ve login your Gmail account 30 minutes back and right now you’re busy reading my blog, and someone there wanted to say you “hi”. Here you missed your chat messages.
To use this newly launch feature of Gmail, turn your settings on. By clicking on it, you need to scroll down to find “desktop notification” settings. Once you’re here you can customize your settings.
Right now this feature is only available in Google Chrome but soon they’ll launch it for other browsers too. They are working to make notifications part of the standard Web platform.

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3 thoughts on “Get Desktop Notifications of Your Chat Messages and Emails in Pop-ups”

  1. Thanks for the share. I didn't know this until I've come here. Usually I used pop up window when someone chat with me in gtalk but the pop up window will collapse whenever I close down the browser. Now I could have the more convenient way in communicating using gtalk. Notifications are really helpful. This is like Digsby.

    Thank you.

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