Giveaway Google+ Invitation at RealTimeTricks

For those who do not know Google+, it is a new social network launched by Google, looks like a clone of facebook but not exactly to facebook. A nice approach from Google to get people in touch with its new Google+, hope it will get success.

Giveaway Google+ Invitation at RealTimeTricks

And to those who are aware of Google+ but due to invitation they are not able to get their hand on Google+ account, RealTimeTricks is giving away free invitation. Just do this favor and get free invitation of Google+.

Giveaway Google+ Invitation at RealTimeTricks

How to Get the Invitation

  • Like RealTimeTricks on facebook and twitter
  • Tweet this post and comment with the URL here.

The Google+ project: A quick look

To know more about Google+ stay tuned to RealTimeTricks. There is lot more to learn about Google+ till then enjoy watching a quick look of Google+ project.

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34 thoughts on “Giveaway Google+ Invitation at RealTimeTricks”

  1. Hi,

    would you be so kind to send me an invite ? I tried so hard to get one, but it seems to be impossible ;(

    Would be great if you could invite me.

    Thank you!


        1. I’m so sorry dear that you didn’t have got the invitation yet. Once again i have invited you hope you get this invitation within 24 hours. Keep checking!

    1. Google Plus is now free you can access the signup page now on it’s website. But if you wish to get the invitation from here please read and follow the instruction and you will get the invitation right in your email ID. Thanks!

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