Top 5 Google Adsense Tips For Newbies

This guest post is by Bilal Ahmed who runs his own blog techmaish.

Google Adsense is one of the most popular and best Pay Per Click program. It has made very easy for bloggers and website owners to earn money from blog and website. By simply placing the adsense code in a profitable position you can earn good money from your blog or website. However many failed to get good CTR for their ads. There could be so many reasons, as a newbie you should always remember the following google adsense tips tips if you are using Google Adsense in your blog or website.

google adsense tips


Placement is one of the most important factor that can increase your ads CTR. For bloggers the best place is header, below or above post or Ad Links in header and sidebars. For website owners image ads in header and footer works great. Still you have to experiment different places and watch the result. Every blog and website has different type of visitors; therefore you will have to test all the available places.


Another important factor that can increase your ads CTR is the color of Ad Units and Ad Links. Blended colors always work great. Be sure to blend your ads and make your visitor feel that this is not a Ad, but normal link.


Without traffic you can’t increase your Click through Rate. If you want to increase it then you will have to increase your traffic. However it also depends on the nature of traffic, normally organic traffic works great. Organic traffic means traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

Avoid Self Clicks

Newbie’s always try to click on their own Google Adsense Ads. If you clicked your ads you are gone. Never ever click on your own ads. However if accidently you clicked your ads, then contact Google as soon as possible and tell them about your mistake.

Avoid Too Many Ads

This is not a good idea to place ads all over your blog or website. Place only in profitable places. Don’t make your blog or website MFA (Made for Adsense). As I told you in the 1st tip that test the profitable places and then only place your ads there. Even readers don’t like blogs or websites with lots of advertisements.

Hope these tips will help you to improve your CTR and earn good money from Google Adsense. Share your experience about Google Adsese with our readers, so that they can implement on there blogs and websites.

Keywords selection

Select profitable keywords when you write your content. Some of the keywords CPC can go as high as $60 (depend) on the niche. So your content is basically the instruction for Big G to show your desire ad. Also check whether the target keyword has enough advertisers. If there isn’t, then the ad shown will not be relevant to your content hence it will not be appealing for your traffic to click on the ad.

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