Google kills Picnik

Google Killing Picnik: Picnik is Closing This April

Most of us use Picnik to edit our hand taken pictures online, we all are aware to that it’s the best online photo editing service. Even I never put any of the pictures I took on my camera to flickr or facebook without editing it using their service. It’s been a great experience for me as well as many who uses them regularly. Well this would be sad to know but this April Google kills Picnik, you would have no access to picnic after April 19, 2012 according to their official announcement.

Google Killing Picnik
Email I Received: Picnik is Closing

Yesterday when I received their email, letting me know (I’m the member of their website) about the ‘Announcement: Picnik is closing’, I put a status on facebook telling the sad news I got through email, everyone including me doesn’t wanted this to happen. Anyways before they go forever, picnik has something good for their entire user, here I listed:

Your Photos Are Liberated

Since they have been telling about the closing of picnic they have added a new feature called Picnik Takeout, using this you can easily download your photos to your desktop very conveniently through zip files or copy to Google+ at anytime but before closing date of April 19, 2012.

Refunds of Premium ship Fee

Another healthy announcement by picnik to their users is, if you have purchased an annual member ship and are on its very last date picnic will refund you the entire amount. That would be nice to everyone.

Free Premium for ALL!

Doesn’t matter you purchased annual membership; picnik is allowing everyone to use premium features for free. So use Picnik in all of its premium glory, for free, from now until the actual closing day. Touch-up, Textures, Advanced, and more are all free for everyone who visits to use!

Let us know if you miss picnik.

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