Google New Social Network – Google Me

Previously, rarely people are in social networks but these days’ facebook & twitter had spread their craze and they are popular worldwide. More and more people are joining these two network due to several reason in which friends, family & business come in first and of course the service they are improving constantly.
Many social networking sites had been launched but not none of it got as much popularity as facebook & twitter had gained. So according to Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, Google is trying to launch a new social network Google Me on June 28, which will allow Google to compete with facebook popularity in future.

Till now there isn’t any official news heard about how it will be except Kevin Rose, tweet, but Google has reportedly been researching social networking patterns in order to create one of its own. All are waiting to see how Google will come up with its own social network which can compete with such a wide famous network, facebook.

Hope this time it wouldn’t be like Google Buzz which was popular at its release but got failed to create attention of people and now almost stop though i haven’t seen people using Google Buzz.

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