Google Page Rank Update for June 2011

I was not waiting at PR updates even I did not have any idea about PR updates will happen so soon, yeah! For me it is soon. I just have shifted (in this month) my blog from BlogSpot to self hosted WordPress domain so still many things are required to complete, how can one get ready for results to come out when he is has not completed his exam fully? ๐Ÿ™‚

Google Page Rank Update for June 2011

But for those who have prepared and was ready to check their blogโ€™s PR. This Google PR update is good news for them some got happy to check PR of their blog and some got sad as their blogโ€™s Page Rang gone down.

I am not shock to check RealTimeTricks PR as I have the idea about it will not rise up. But I got really shocked when I saw my other blog โ€“ Movie Fridays PR. It is now on PR2, amazing, isnโ€™t? I did not care much about this blog but the PR has rise up. I guess the all credit goes to the readers Movie Fridays are getting.

If this update had not changed your blogs PR do not to worry, keep on blogging without thinking a bit about next PR, work hard and I am sure the next PR updates will bring happiness for us.


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8 thoughts on “Google Page Rank Update for June 2011”

  1. Well, it might be my sidebar ads, which sometimes are about casinos or adult too (I need to fix my settings for sure!), but some of my blogs with PR3 went down to PR1 or worse. Not that I care that much anyway, as PR is not between my highest priorities, but it’d be nice to see a wider green bar on that toolbar again in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, I wish most advertisers looked at content and traffic first, instead of a mere green bar, which comes and go according to Big G’s liking.

  2. Yeah you are right but that green bar matters if you think from advertisers concern. Alexa ranking and that green bar matters if you want to earn money from advertisements, i think.

    1. Yeah, it matters of course. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just think it’s not everything. That’s another reason why I love SocialSpark. Did you hear about it?

  3. Yeah in one condition it won’t matters to anyone’s blog. If the blog is getting high number of traffic and have a good Alexa rank.

    No i don’t know about the site. What you do there?

  4. I lost 2 point and then gain one point in less then one month. I am little bit surprised to see this as most of the time i read that google update it’s ranking in after 3 months. Now i am on page rank 4. Congratulates man Keep on posting Good information. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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