Google Penguin Update: How to Prevent your Site from Getting Affected

Google, as we all know, believes in eliminating scrap from its head and Google penguin update comes as a real-time scraper with tough guidelines for the webmasters. This step is understandable, owing to the unethical practices that prevailed over the net to pull more visitors and generate undue revenues. After all, the duty of a good search engine is to take care of its users.

Here are some cool tips, which can prevent your blog from getting affected (or bring it back on track).

google penguin update

Say No to Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing refers the addition of keywords to your site’s content repeatedly and unnaturally. This affects the main objective of any article, which is to provide useful info to the readers. Hidden texts for adding keywords are considered spam by Google, and result in downfall of your site’s rankings. Informative and user-friendly write-ups will gain more reputation by Google and you can escape the affect of Google Penguin update.

Participating in Link Exchange Schemes

Irrelevant linking to other blogs in order to enhance the rankings or PR of the site is not a good idea. For instance, a music blog pointing to a photography blog is crap in eyes of Google. It’s the quality of links that matters, not the quantity.

Original and interesting content will automatically persuade others to link to it. So, just concentrate on your being a source of valuable info and you will get fascinating results.

Ads First, Content Second

Google reportedly received lots of complaints from users, who get no relevant information after scrolling through a list of ads. Sites that force the readers to click on ads, or put irrelevant and big images before the articles seem to have suffered.

Write-ups on your site should be highly visible to your readers and should fulfill their appetite for good info. Then, there’s no reason why your site won’t come at the top of search engine rankings.

Remove Low Paying Ads from Your blog or Site

Monitor your Site’s Performance

Site’s loading speed, its compatibility to different browsers and the presence pages & links that search engines can crawl are some of the important points Google likes to pay heed to. Performance gauging tools like PageSpeed, WebPageTest and YSlow should be brought into use amongst others. After all, your objective and that of Google is the same, i.e. to act as a helping hand to visitors starving for top-notch and quality information.

Does your Affiliate Site add Value?

If you are running an affiliate products website, make sure to provide quality content to the users, so they really become excited to buy the product. Misleading and manipulative practices to add zeros to your revenue can definitely harm your site’s rankings to an unprecedented extent, especially after Google’s latest quality-check guidelines.

To cap it all, one golden rule you can follow is to go with user’s comfort and needs. Feel free to post your past experiences, ideas or any additional tips regarding Google Penguin in the comment’s section.

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9 thoughts on “Google Penguin Update: How to Prevent your Site from Getting Affected”

  1. Hi Irfan, If we start focusing in every steps of Penguin update than we can’t focus on our blog. The only thing which we have to do is to focus on our blog and in quality content. Ad placement is another important step which must be focused! Thanks anyway.

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  3. The google penguin update has really crushed some websites with its game-changing algorithmic update. I hope more bloggers follow this and recover from the penguin update soon. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  4. I don’t know if its off topic but I have seen even Alexa ranking coming down drastically without any reason(or I don’t know the reason). I am not sure if this had something to do with Google Penguin update but yet I am really puzzled.

    1. Alexa traffic rank depends on many factor you can’t consider it with Google penguin updates. If you are after Alexa ranking more to Google penguin update then please read on Alexa and work on it.

  5. This is a very good post!…I know a friend who got burnt by Google Panda due to the unscrupulous things he did in the past. My take on things, keep it clean, abide by Google’s terms and conditions. Work your socks off to get good and insightful site content and you’ll rip the benefit on the long run. That’s what am doing with my health and fitness site.

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