Google Translate English into Hindi With Audio Translation

In India there are more than 100 languages in which Hindi is the most spoken language. If you’re the one who want to learn Hindi or you need your English sentence to be convert in Hindi, Google Translate has launched a new service called audio voice translation it would help you convert English into Hindi + speech pronunciation.

How to Use Google Translate English into Hindi

You just need to write your phrase in any language into that textbox and select Hindi in Translate into textbox. It will automatically convert English into Hindi.

google translate english into hindi

You don’t need to select Translate from textbox as now it’s automatically detect the language you have written in Translate from textbox. And also you don’t have to click on Translate button after putting your phrase in Translate into textbox as now its automatically translate sentence.

Now you just need to click on the button I’m showing with an arrow above and it will give an audio listening of the translation. This will help you learn Hindi easily!

Update: Now you can use Google Translator to speak in foreign language. Just watch the video below, how two girl order Indian Food. Both don’t have any command over Hindi language but using Google Translator they typed their order in English and then played its Hindi translation to the one who was taking order.

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