Google+ Vs. Facebook [Infographic]

Google+ took mere 16 days to reach 10 million users, whereas Facebook and Twitter took almost 2 years. This can prove the power of Google is having. 🙂

Although facebook still holds the lead in toal users, Google+ is certainly catching up. Having recently removed the “invite only” status from their site, and as I said above they now have more than 10 million users, predicted 20 million users by the end of the weekend.

The privacy controls and simple sharing tools could give Google+ an edge to draw in even more users if they can expand outside their current demographic. Anyways have a look on the below infograph were SingleGrain have nicly draw a fight between Google+ and Facebook.

Facebook VS. Google Plus

I know usually regular readers get bore of reading articles on articles on the same niche so RealTimeTricks brings a cool new infograph for our readers to enjoy! Be sure you write something on comment to gain free backlinks using commentluv.

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  1. Hi Irfan, I like your infographic. Facebook is the biggest social site now, and it has an incredible experience in this area, however Google is a good competitor in each area that they decide to enter. I think this will be a great battle, and we will enjoy two great social sites 🙂

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