How I Redirected My Bloggers Blog Traffic

It was May 31, when I finally bought a domain for RealTimeTricks and shifted my blog to WordPress. It was tough; it took thousands of minutes to settle down the whole blog into WordPress but when everything was almost over, I was wondering how to redirect my blogger’s blog traffic to my new wordpress blog.

I asked few successful bloggers on social networking sites to teach me how to do so, but this wasn’t help. Finally, I thought to do by myself. I started Google to find my needs and here I tell you how I did.

If you recently have moved to wordpress and done with all importing stuff but unable to import traffic of your previous BlogSpot blog. Try to follow these steps. 34JWEU93R24P

How To Redirect Blogspot Traffic To WordPress?

Go to – Blogger To WordPress Redirection

1. Install the above plug-in in your wordpress blog. After installation and activation of the plug-in. Go to ‘Tool’ you will find a new menu name Blogger To WordPress Redirection, click on the menu.

2. Now you’re on the plug-in page, click the Start Configuration button to generate code of your previous BlogSpot blog, your previous blog name will display automatically.

3. Click on the Get Code button to generate the redirection code.

4. Once it appears on the screen, open a new tab for your BlogSpot blog. Now go to your blogger account and select ‘classic template’ for your BlogSpot blog. Dashboard>Design>Edit HTML, you will find the classic template link at the bottom of the page.

5. Copy the code you generated before (step-3) and past it here, hit ‘Save Template’. You are done! You can test by clicking any of the BlogSpot link from your blog. It will automatically redirect your new wordpress blog.

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20 thoughts on “How I Redirected My Bloggers Blog Traffic”

  1. Man, this is really cool. u did a redirection which i failed last time when i had to redirect my blogger to wordpress. Pro ! nice one dude 🙂

  2. Great tip, I moved my blog over a year ago to WordPress it took weeks to configure everything, but lost out on the traffic to my old address, if only I knew of this plugin but still a great reference for the future, thanks a lot.

    1. I too was worried for my traffic, i suggest people do a little search and everything is possible. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. Hi there,

    That was pretty awesome and helpful tips out there. Thanks for sharing it. But I guess you didn’t change your permalink settings.

    The year and month in the URL is still on it. Try to do another experiment to use the custom permalink and redirect your old URL to your new one.

    This would be helpful to all of us.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

    – Felix

    1. Thanks for the tip but i have done the permalink setting and i think using year and month can help readers much then giving a custom code.

  4. Thanks a lot about your post in moving blog spot to wordpress, however i still have some trouble with 404 error and i don’t know why?

    1. Thanks for dropping your comment here. May i ask in which step you are facing error? If you have read my full article, you’ll read i’m talking about one plugin here, by installing you can easily redirect your previous blog traffic.

  5. Good to see you migrated well from Blogger. Kinda reminds us of 4 years back when we did the same. The import tools are much better now and plugins more powerful too.

  6. Welcome QOT,

    Yep its really easy now, just need to install few plugins and everything get solved automatically, only the thing required is a little search.

    btw, you really help people with quick online tips. Thanks for dropping your comment.

  7. This page had a lot of interesting information on it. You know I have been to this site over and over now, off and on. I have yet to make a comment, so I thought I’d drop you a line 🙂 I really appreciate the work you do on here… always providing great content! This one’s going to facebook!

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