How To: Add Facebook New Send Button

A year ago, facebook launched their Like button which helps you share things you find on internet with all your friends available on facebook but this time they have launched a new Send Button which allows you to instantly send any web page directly to selected friends, groups, or into someone’s inbox.

How Facebook Send Button Works

Suppose you’re on something over internet which you want to tell best friends or selected people over social networks, there facebook Send Button will help you sending the entire content to one’s inbox privately without making public on internet. The message will include a link to the URL specified in the send button, along with a title, image, and short description of the link. You can specify what is shown for the title, image, and description by using Open Graph meta tags.

How To Add Facebook Send Button on Your WordPress Blog

You just don’t need to do anything with the code FB developer provides. Just copy the below code and follow the steps i provide. Thanks to mostviralmedia.

  • Open your Dashboard and go to Appearance then click on Editor.
  • Now on right side search for Single Post (single.php).
  • Search the above code and paste just below to the first code you copied.
  • You’ll find  2 highlighted things on that code. The Red number 123456 must be replaced to your pages application id. And another number Red the key element of this code. Notice how for the href= reference it’s actually the WordPress PHP code for the content loop.
  • Done!

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  1. Glad that you like it and Yeah! you're right as most of the people are not interested in marketing hence the 'send' button will not going to use as much as 'like' button is being used.

  2. Face book send button is one of the best way to send any pages directly to any one. So, it would be more useful to all the people, It's really great tool:)

    1. It depends on from where you getting traffic to your blog. If its Google, the best search engine for you is Google and if its Yahoo, then, Yahoo is the best search engine for you. For me its Google. 🙂

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