How to Burn a DVD Like a Professional

DVDs that are burned at home and are compatible to pay with DVD players are economical. They may be shared with family and friends. If you wish to learn how to burn a DVD like a professional? Why not give a read here and now?

What You Will Need

A computer system with dvd burning software downloaded.  The software that you use will play a pivotal role in determining how professional the resulting DVD will be.

The DVD that you wish to copy along with blank DVDs preferably rewritable.  A CD/DVD compatible printer will also be needed to label the DVD after it has been burned. Since Nero is so common we will use Nero as our software for this tutorial.

Step One – Load The Software

After deciding on the software you will use. Load it to the system. Also load the DVD that you are going to copy. This is usually a simple process since you will be prompted on what to do next by the wizard.

Step Two – Open The Software

Open the Software that you wish to use to burn the DVD . It can usually found on the start menu. If it is hidden then select all programs. It should emerge among the options.  After opening Nero Rom you should close its wizard and all other opened windows. The screen that appears should have ‘Nero-Burning- ROM‘ as its title.

Step Three – Start a New Compilation

You can do this by selecting file on the top menu and then clicking ‘New Compilation. An alternate way to do this is to click on the ‘create new compilation‘ icon. The shortcut ‘Ctrl+N‘ can also be used to start a new compilation. The ‘New Compilation’ window should pop up. On this window look to see if ‘DVD’ is written in the “selection” box the is located in the top left hand side of the page. If it is not there you will have to change it from Cd to DVD. Select ‘DVD-Video‘ as the mode.

Select Your Burn Preferences

Ensure that the correct setting has been selected. Under ‘File/Directory name length’ it should be ‘ISO Level 1 (Max. of 11= 8+3 char ‘while under ‘Character Set’ it should be ‘ISO 9660‘. Make sure that all the other options remain blank before moving on to the next aspect, the ‘label‘ tab. On the label tab you select the title for the DVD. Move to the date tab and keep the settings there.

Step Four – Initiate The Burn Process

The final tab is the burn tab. In this window you have the option of allowing the program to select the burn speed or to select it yourself. After all this is done; you should click ‘new‘ which is located in the top right hand corner of the window.

A new project will automatically be created. It will bear the name that you selected in the label tab. Find the shrunk files on the browser on the right and drag them to the empty Video_TS folder in the left panel. Click on the ‘Burn Disc‘ icon that is found at the top of the page and select ‘write‘ from the options in the top left hand corner. You have now initiated the burn process. Nero will let you know when it is finished.

Step Five- Packaging

Nothing says professional like the appearance of the finished product. Polish your burned DVD by adding a label. Buy DVD labels at a computer supply store. Design the label and print. Attach it to the DVD. For an even more polished look, print the label on the DVD itself. To do this you need a printer that is CD/DVD compatible printer. You could also use the less popular and more outdated method which entails the use of an old-fashioned, press-on disc-labeling kit.

Tips and Warnings

Ensure that you are not infringing on the copyright privileges of the owner when you burn a DVD. Also prepare to use up quite a bit of time when burning DVDs as the process is more lengthy as a ‘do it yourself project’ than it would be if a professional is hired.

Now that you know how to burn a DVD like a professional, don’t hold back. Start making your very own professional quality DVDs today! And let us know your thoughts here on comments.

Author – Belle Mutchler who blogs about burn dvd and free dvd burning software.

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