How to: Change Facebook Fanpage URL

To promote your business online facebook always had provided you a great opportunity to reach and to deal with your desired customers. For every single promoter who want to promote their products or links to others he/she required a Facebook fanpage for sure to promote it online. But creating pages and promoting it online is the only thing you can do? No, just think how you’ll give that long link to someone with so many unwanted alphabets. Don’t you feel you need to change your long unreadable fanpage URL link into a short stylish readable URL?
If yes then after reading these few steps you too can change your FB fanpage URL like me, think from this ugly URL you can change it to a stylish your own desired URL like Seriously, which one you think is cool?

# How To Change FB Fanpage URL

1) If you’re login, click on to setup your FB fanpage URL. There you’ll be asked to select your page from a drop down list menu. There you’ll select your page to which you want to setup its URL.

2) If the page you’re requesting has more than 25 fans then you’ll get an option to select its USERNAME. Later, you need to type your desire username in that available box and after clicking on Check Availability you’ll be asked confirmation.

3) Now you need to update all your relevant pages of your Blog / Site as now you’re done with your job. Your new USERNAME of your FB fanpage is now in front of you. 🙂

Note – You must have 25 fans or more to be eligible for a username.

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