How To: Create A Forum under Blogger’s Blog?

Ever wanted to launch a forum under your subdomain of BlogSpot blog? All bloggers have been dreaming about to launch their own forum under subdomain for quite a long time, here is the chance you got to make and run your own forum live within the site without changing domain. is a service which allows you to create a forum under bloggers blog. Service will not ask you to register yourself as your forum can be integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other services so no account registration is needed, so members do not need to create new accounts nor new profiles.
Another big advantage of using service is that, it can be embedded onto multiple websites. Suppose in case you run few blogs but have a main blog and a fan page on another service, the exact same forums can be embedded into both, allowing for a conversation across sites and across walls.

How to Embed a Forum into Blogger
Embedding forums is as simple as copying and pasting one line of code, I tell you how. Just like YouTube video embed code you copy/paste into your blog and all done same here also you need to copy one line code into your blogger’s blog and you’re done. Follow the step to know in detail.
1. Visit and get your code.

2. Login your bloggers blog, and create a new page (Posting>Edit Pages>New Page) and gave Title as ‘Forum’ (anything you like you can put into it).
3. Now, embed the code into your page. In your new page click on Edit HTML (not in compose mode) and there paste code.
4. Click on ‘Publish’ and you’re done. also have a number of Plugins & Widgets that allow for one click installs on your favorite providers, from Google Sites to WordPress.

By Using Service What you’ll get?

Anyone can join easily – Zero account creation members can sign in with their existing accounts on Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc.

Seamlessly blends into your website – You don’t need to do anything detects the colors, layout, and fonts of your blog and automatically styles itself to blend it with your blog.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) – forums are optimized for search to bring new members to forum. Their Pro package offers extended SEO options, such as domain aliasing so that a blog performs better on the search engines.

Public or Private forums – Easy to use Admin Tools, configure the privacy settings for each forum to choose who has access, from guests to moderators.

See who’s joined recently – Recent members are display at the bottom of the forum. Or can browse all members in forums, or click their avatar to see their full profile on Facebook, Google, etc.

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