How to Create a Hack proof Password? [Infographic]

If you’re on internet you know the importance of password and if you have been hacked once by someone you better understand the importance of creating a better, hack proof password. You have seen over net, there is lots of website asking people to create strong password using numeric and alphabets but generally people don’t follow the instruction and faced the problem of being hacked.

Today, with the help of techfudge I’ll show you an infographic, and by reading it you’ll know the importance and the way to create a better hack proof password. Else, Check How Strong Your Password Is or this list will help you avoid the most common password people use on internet.

Hope reading this infograph can save you in future from hackers. Try to follow what it says, and let me know in comments how you used the infographic to save yourself from hacker’s. [Image Credit]


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