How to Create a Salesforce Site with Orchestra CMS

Orchestra CMS is a powerful and cost-effective cloud computing solution, especially suited for small businesses. In order to come to the aid of early technology adopters, who are forced to face the grunt and ‘dirty work’ of the IT solutions implemented by any company, be it a start-up or a major corporation, the cloud-based content management system.

Developers will be glad to know that the software is ready to create integrated, reliable and scalable solutions. Of course, best practice recommends that Orchestra is always installed in a Sandbox before being deployed in a productive environment. Of course, since this brief guide addresses developers, some prior knowledge of Visualforce, html and CSS is required. Notwithstanding, creating a Salesforce website via Orchestra is easy as one-two-three, as explained in the tips and tricks featured below.

Getting Started:

The first step will require you to click on Setup/Develop/Sites, where you can enter the domain name you want your new website to bear. This is also the section where you can read the Terms of Service and then register the domain. You can check for the availability of the domain name on this screen.

content management system

Setting up the Site:

Create the new site by clicking New right after registration, then enter a site Label (the category under which it falls) and Name. Activate the website via the ‘Active’ button and then proceed to selecting an Active Site Home Page. You need to use the lookup button for this action, which you can locate to the right of the field. After you’ve typed ‘Main’ in the Search field and clicked Go, the function will locate a page with the Name and Label equal to Main, with the Namespace set to CMS. This is the page you need to select.

content management system

content management system

content management system

Specifying the Details:

Save the template after you’ve cleared the existing one. On the site details page select ‘Public Access Settings’, enter editing mode and allow the reading of the Attribute, Content, Content Layouts, Content Layout Instances, Content Relationships, Content Types, Pages, Page Content Layout Instances, Page Layouts, and Sites objects. Create a new Attribute object, then save it. In the Sites section of the Setup/Develop tab you can access the url of your new salesforce site.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Installing the Site on the Cloud:

Since you’re using a cloud computing solution, you will need to deploy the website into the CMS. Click install, then go back to the Salesforce CRM, select Orchestra CMS from the Application drop down menu. Select your new website with the Select Project list – and you’re done. Your first Orchestra CMS-created website is now ready to go.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

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  1. Hi..

    Thanks for explaining how to use OrchestraCMS. I am following the same procedure as mentioned above but got stuck at installation step, after giving access to all custom object.
    I am getting the following message after clicking the site URL :
    “This site needs to be configured for use with OrchestraCMS. Launch OrchestraCMS and click on the Setup New Site.”
    Also, I need to whether I can simply integrate the my visualforce page with orchestra CMS or not?
    Please guide me . It is urgent please help me.
    Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance !!!!
    With Regards
    Palak Agarwal.

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