How To: Customize your Facebook New Profile Page?

Few weeks ago facebook launched their new profile page and at that time most of us have hated it (including me) but now after seeing few, who have customized their facebook in such a way that all are eager to know how they have done it.
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I’ll tell you how you too can make your facebook profile like Alexandre Oudin and Jung Bahadur Rana(you seen above). The layout of your facebook new profile page has pieces of 6 images (including 1 main profile picture and 5 pictures of me) to give you a creative design. Therefore you need 6 pieces of 1 image in which one large piece will be your main picture and other 5 small pieces will come up in the thumbnail region.

There are two ways to do that, first to use PS (photoshop) to slice your photograph into 6 pieces or visit picscatter to make it automatically. There you need to upload your 700x540px photograph to get a best result. Once you’re satisfied with all your pieces of image press “download picture“ button to get all pieces in a RAR file. Later, extract your RAR folder and upload all 6 images to your facebook photo album and then tag them. Remember tagging in right order is very much important.

Start tagging from left and end it with right, remember you need to tag in such a way that the left large main profile picture gets tag at last.

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