How To Find Who Are Copying Your Content?

Every single of us won’t allowed others to copy our work, you search you right the content and someone comes from one www and steal all your content in just 5 seconds, WT_ right?
Here in this article I’ll tell you how you find those thieves online also I would mention how to control this activity online. There are three ways of finding those content thieves’s online.

How to Find Online Plagiarism with Copyscape?
First is Copyscape, I know you all are familiar to it so I don’t need to write anymore. But for them who have not used their service yet, it’s an online tool to find content thief online. You just need to put your URL and Copyscape will show all details you required.

How to Find Online Plagiarism with
Second is, here you’ll get to know how many words, images are been copied in last 24 hours + a detail of your page visitors. You can also see how many people’s are online on your page.
But the third is new and very effective, its blekko. Lastly, in my last article I have discussed about blekko that it’s a new search engine which is to filter out all poor quality and irrelevant websites.

How to Find Online Plagiarism with Blekko?
Its new and a great way to find online plagiarism compare to those two I have written above. In real it’s a search engine which is been launched in a request of their users. Also, Blekko called that it’s been launched and hailed as a ‘Google killer’.
Alright, when you’re in blekko you just need to put your URL with /domainduptext, for instance  /domainduptext. By doing that you’ll get all lists of URL’s who have duplicating your content by scraping [example].
And using /duptext you can find duplicate copies of individual URLs. You just need to use slash tag /duptext and need to replace the URL with the full address of a web page [example].

How to Control Online Plagiarism?
You can also control this activity by using DMCA to claim your ownership on your hardwork and can request to remove those all site’s from Google Index.
Hope my article on How to Find Who Are Copying Your Content may help you. Let me know in comments how you like my article.

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