How To: Know Followers Are Active and To Tweet?

Most of us are using twitter to promote our work but have you notice you’re tweeting blindly I mean what is the use of making tweet when those tweets are not being seen by your followers? Most of your followers are offline at the time you tweet then having thousands of followers is of no use. Why don’t you schedule your tweets for maximum impact?
Introducing, Timely analyze all your tweets and figure out what times of day you get the best engagement. What you need to do, add your tweets to timely they published them when your tweet will have the highest impact in return you’ll get more retweets, mentions and followers! Which is surely a help, why wait signup and get started.

Chirpcity is also helpful if you want to get the latest tweets ‘in’ and ‘about’ your city. For instance if you’re in Mumbai and want to know the latest tweets in Mumbai or the latest tweets about Mumbai, this will help you get the people using twitter ‘in’ and ‘about’ your city. Link – chirpcity

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