How To: Know The Real Day You Born On?

All knows the day they are born on, many knows the time, few knows the season, but do you know exact age of yours or do you know who was elected as a prime minister of US at that time? If your answer is no and you wanted to know these things you better know about dayofbirth.

How To Know The Real Day You Born On

Here I tested dayofbirth on myself to show you how it works. You can see the result this website is sowing in a below screenshot.

How To Know The Real Day You Born On

This site basically tells you the day of the week that you were born on. It also tells you other pointless but fun things such as: your star sign, how old you are, what season you were born in, how long until your next birthday, and how many days/hours/seconds you have been alive (assuming 12:00 midnight so the last two are approximations only).

I’m sure you having fun there. Please share with your friends and let us know in comments below. Thanks for reading!

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