Nokia is one of the biggest brand in mobile phone market today with 1.2 million handsets worldwide, it proves the craze and liking of nokia phones amongst people across world. According to nokia blog there are seven tell tale signs that prooves you’re a Nokia fan boy (or girl). Here they are!

  • You get into Nokia v Apple v Android flame wars on tech blogs.
  • You have a Nokia tattoo.
  • You enter Nokia competitions and get all the answers right.
  • You point out Nokia phones in movies.
  • You can’t stop buying Nokia gear for your phone.
  • You collect vintage Nokia phones.
  • You still use the Nokia ring tone.

What I think about these signs is making tattoo on your body of your favourite mobile phone brand is really crazy and abviously crazy guys will only do such things. Lastly, they had a competition in which several question have been asked and abviously was not easy as winning prize was N8. People who answered wrong and didn’t won a price but have won Nokia’s respect.

Nokia provides accessories with its each handsets but you still find more accessories in market, even I do so. And the last, doesn’t matter you have Nokia 1100 or N8 your phone rings in nokia’s deafult ‘Nokia tune’.

I myself is a big fan of Nokia phones, I still remember when I buyed my first nokia 2600, then the journey continues, right now I have nokia 5233. Share your nokia experience with RealTimeTricks.


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