How to Make File Read Only

Usually files are saved in pc are confined with different properties that are provided by operating system. In windows based operating system such as windows XP, windows vista, windows 7 its one of the file properties of the files as well as folder. To make file read only at first go to the folder. Then select the file which you have to make read only. Then right click upon the file and go to the option of property. In property click the checkbox of read only. Then confirm it with the APPLY button below. Then put OK button. This is the way to make a file or folder read only.

Hacking tips

The word hacking somehow popular with some illegal work but although it’s used in some good or usable work also. One of the hacking tips is optimization of windows operating system by editing the registry and other optimization program. The next tips are having knowledge or learn some software operating. This can help individuals to hack different web sites and also remote pc. Making of malware and viruses also can make anyone success in hacking. Though hacking is not a good thing we can limited it in good use. And discourage people in using it in illegal purpose.

Overview of virus

Computer viruses are one type of computer program that can run itself and can spread from one PC to another PC. Usually the route of transmission is via networking protocol or via USB port. On the description on the types of virus there are several types of viruses such as some cause infection of PC. This virus affects the boot system of the PC and causes of alteration of the boot menu and other hard device. Some other type of virus cause damage by own control of the master boot record and hide the main resource. Some virus cause inability of disk read. Some boot sector viruses damage the File. Some causes damage of boot system.

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