How to Optimize Computer’s Light Automatically?

Years ago having vision problem was not so common but since the day people started working on computers their eyes sight become weaker and the problem get so common, I’m not against or blaming computer for the weakness of my eyes but this is a fact.

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Today most of the people work on their respective computer for hours (even I do so) and without having any concern of their eyes they lose their vision power. The hard lights coming from the display of computers makes eyes sight weaker and its cause eye damage.

Introducing, f.lux it helps you give better lighting for your computer so your eyes will not hurt when you read your computer screen at night, this software optimize your computers display light automatically and set it according to your room light for the comfort of your eyes.

  • Download and install the software in your computer, currently it is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download flux

  • Once you have downloaded it will start working on background, you can find its icon on the taskbar.

Optimize Computers Light usinf flux

  • You can adjust your day and light lightning by these two buttons (see the screenshot).

Optimize Computers Light usinf flux

  • Or set your location by changing your zip code or latitude and longitude and it will work automatically so when the sun sets, it makes your computer look like your indoor lights. In the morning, it makes things look like sunlight again.

Optimize Computers Light usinf flux

Review – Since I have installed this software in my computer I feel my eyes are protected. I can use the settings manually and can make the level of light according to the comfort of my eyes. No more pressing the hard buttons of my monitor to adjust the level of light, just my mouse and this software makes the job pretty easy.

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