We human beings are so lazy that we always find ways to complete work in as easiest form as we can and if we get a chance to complete 2-3 work simultaneously from one place we get super excited just to hide our laziness.

Post in Facebook and Twitter along with Google PlusToday I’m going to add one more tip in my blog and by using it you don’t required to open 3 tabs of your browser to post a single post at three different social networking sites – facebook, twitter and Google Plus in fact posting in Google Plus, your facebook and twitter profile will also be updated automatically with the same post.

Download and install G++ for Google Chrome or for Mozilla Firefox, once you are done with these steps you will see G++ icon in the top right corner of your Google Plus account with the option to turn G++ on or off. After that you need to check buttons of facebook and twitter, and once it’s been checked you will be prompted to a page to confirm access of this application. After access is granted, you are ready to use this extension.

How To: Post in Facebook and Twitter along with Google Plus

Now comes to the sharing part, after installation you will find your Google+ share box like this. You can check the two buttons of twitter and facebook to share your Google+ updates directly into these two networks.

Now write something and share in all three sites!

How To: Post in Facebook and Twitter along with Google Plus

Here is how you can check all three updates of three different sites at one place. You can retweet, like, comment all from your Google+ account.


Enjoy using the G++ extension and do share your thoughts in comment.


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