How To: Send Email from Facebook?

I have been using Facebook Messages to send email to few of my Facebook addict friends though they check their email accounts regularly but I know I’ll be getting my email reply soon when I send email from Facebook to directly into their Facebook Messaging inbox.

Send Email from Facebook
The New Messages: Send Email

What is Facebook Massages?

I don’t think I need to describe as we all use Facebook Messages to check – who have had messages us, each friend’s chats and text as well. Everything stores in Facebook Messages. You can check full conversation history including everything you’ve ever discussed with each friend as a single conversation. And to improve this, Facebook have added Email – Read, Write & Send Email. There’s no need to switch between Facebook and email accounts for your daily communication needs.

Send Email From Facebook Using Facebook Messages

To make it happen you need to get Facebook email address first, like – If you still have not got, get it here.

Step 1) Once you get the Facebook email address, click on “Messages” which is next to Facebook logo and click on “Send a New Message”.

send email from Facebook

Step 2) One “New Message” window will pop-up on your screen right after you click on send a new message. Type email address into the To: box and content in Message: box.

send email from Facebook

Step 3) On clicking “Send” button Facebook will email your message to the respective email address. And like other email accounts you can attach files using “Attach a File” button.

send email from Facebook

Personal Review: I know many of you are using it, I too use it often.

Gmail, Yahoo mail, & Hotmail including several other email service provider use address book to store email address of already send email IDs, likewise Facebook adds any email addresses that you have message to any email ID, so you don’t have to remember everyone’s email address all the time. Also, if you message someone who is on Facebook but you use their email instead of their name, Facebook will automatically forward the message to their Facebook Inbox.

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