How To: Use Chrome Address Bar as a Calculator?

Chrome Address Bar as a Calculator Using windows online calculator for arithmetic task sometimes create headache. It is made small and easy to make arithmetic calculations but as these days’ people need everything they use in one place, make this useful calculator useless.

Don’t know about you guys but I was totally surprise when I first saw this – ‘Arithmetic Calculation on Browsers Address bar’ at labnol.

Really, think how easy this could be, if you type everything from your calculation on chrome address bar and the result comes out in a second? Amazing, isn’t?

Use Chrome Address Bar as a Calculator

To calculate, you do not have to do anything just type you the calculation you want to calculate directly into the address bar, and then Google will answer your query as a ‘search suggestion’. But this will only work if you have selected Google as your default search engine on Chrome.

Use Chrome Address Bar as a Calculator

This only works in Google Chrome and IE, but if you are using Firefox you do not have to type your calculation on address bar, instead of this type on the Google Search box, for instance see the above screenshot.

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