How To: Import Excel Charts to PowerPoint

Following article will arm you with the updated and authentic information about the method by which you can import excel charts to power point.

You can effectively insert those documents which Microsoft Office programs create or which have embedded objects or links into your presentation.

You are wrong on your part if you think that you have to include existing information while including into PowerPoint presentation.

After all, the following article assists you in the best possible way towards knowing the method for inserting an existing Excel chart into the presentation.


It is imperative for you to choose either Embed data or Linked one, while you are in the process of inserting an object. As and when an object is linked, the data gets stored in the source documents. Hence, it implies, that the moment you update the data in its original document, it automatically gets updated into your presentation too.

Linking is synonymous with immense utility and pleasant effect and helps you with the updated and sophisticated knowledge and information. It equally does its best towards keeping your presentation size to its minimum. While you are in the process of embedding objects in your presentation, you are able to easily make a copy of the object which is found in the destination document. Therefore, needless to say that while the changes are made in the original document, your presentation will be devoid of any reflection. Hence, there are not going to be any changes in it.

The moment you are in the process of inserting an existing excel chart, you are required to adhere the following:

  • You have to in any case activate the slide which will be used to insert the file if you want to achieve the best results.
  • You have to create Insert tab in the ribbon.
  • Click on the object button present on the Text group of the Ribbon.
  • If you want to create a new Excel chart, then click on the “Create New radio button”. Subsequently, you need to choose Microsoft Office Excel Chart present in the Object Type List and finally click on OK.
  • Click on the “Create File Radio Button”, if in case you are looking forward to insert an existing Excel chart.
  • Finally, in the last step, you are required to click on “OK”

Looking to navigate to a specific file location in order to insert? If yes, then click on Browse Button.

Thereby, as you are done, Click Ok.


Do you want to create a link to the original document? If yes, then simply click the Link Box and after that Click Ok.

Thereby, without any sort of inconvenience or hurdles, you are effectively and easily able to import Excel charts to PowerPoint. After reading the aforesaid article, you indeed realize that it is indeed a child’s play to do the same. Hence, arm yourself with the aforesaid information so that you end up having great deal of comfort and convenience. After all, the article stands out to be highly valuable. Isn’t it?

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