3 Steps To Increase Torrent Download Speed

We all use torrents to download stuff online from internet, but as by default you didn’t get the amount of speed you required generally from internet provider, you usually afraid to run any download process that is more that an hour long.

But how about if you increase torrent download speed? Here in this tutorial I’ll suggest you the way from you can increase torrent download speed. Suppose right now you are getting around 60kbps download speed this tutorial will help you increase it to 240kbps or just triple!

Read the below tutorial carefully, you need a cheat engine software (free) and of course utorrent (free) to test the download speed. By using the cheat engine you can triple or sometime quadruple your download speed.

Increase Torrent Download Speed

Update: This trick is not working now!

Tutorial: Triple or Quadruple Your Torrent Download Speed

First go and download – Cheat Engine Software.

Once you finish with the installation of this software, open your utorrent and get ready for speedhack. With utorrent opened, open the cheat engine by clicking on desktop icon or from all programs menu.

Now you can see one “computer like icon” blinking in red and green color on the top of the software. Open it and scroll to chose “utorrent” process, click open.

To Increase Your Torrent Download Speed

Again do the same step, open the same computer like icon but this time you don’t need to scroll and select utorrent as utorrent is already selected, and click on “Attach debugger to process”.

To Increase Your Torrent Download Speed

It will ask you to press Yes or No, on one notification message, click on Yes. Now back to the software and click on “Enable Speedhack” check box. Now make the speed limit to 0.5, and click on apply.

To Increase Your Torrent Download Speed

Now simply wait and watch, your speed goes on and on increasing till 250kpbs. Remember you neither close the cheat engine (but can minimize it) nor the utorrent.

Tip – Make the speed limit to 0.1, if you’re not getting more then 180kbps speed, you will get more then 500kbps.

I know you have enjoyed the trick, now please feel free to comment below if anything don’t help or you don’t get the trick.

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42 thoughts on “3 Steps To Increase Torrent Download Speed”

  1. Hey man!!
    The trick is not working.
    Is this is only for broadband connection ?
    Please suggest me i am using a mobile gprs connection and i am not getting speed even a 5KB/s although it can give me upto 30KB/s.

  2. Great trick in case it works, but unfortunately according to my experience “tricks” don’t work for everyone. The settings look rather complicated, are you sure that an unexperienced person could and should do this?

    1. Hello Nellan,

      Thanks for your visit. I can only say that, if a kid read the tutorial step by step i guarantee he/she will able to do this tweak.

  3. Thanks Irfan and Suresh for getting this up.

    I know this cheat is for utorrent but i’ve been using Azureus for sometime now and have been enjoying great speeds. Did you get a chance to try it?

    I’ll definitely try this with utorrent.


  4. download speed has increased from 25kbps to 250 sometime 320kbps but………..
    it took 3 minutes to move from 34% to 35% in torrent for a 10mb file.
    is it showing a fake speed.?
    pls can u help me.

  5. It works! I got 1 MB/s to 2 MB/s when I change to 0.25 after 2 minutes by using 0.5 at speed. Thanks!

  6. Man i love this thing!!! 1.6 MBPS was my dream!!! LOVE IT!!! set the speed hack to 0.1 and the speed FLIES!!! Literally!!! Love It!!! Loads and loads of thanks!!!

  7. its jst showing the high speed…bt the actual speed is same as before….shit!!!dont do it guys trust me…

  8. Hey ADMIN,
    First of all i would like to thank you for providing this ultimate trick. thank you sooooo much.. wanted to tell that me too using broadband and was surprised when i saw the speed raising above 300+ or 500+ but the thing is when i set the value to 0.1 the speed actually speed actually showed above 500… but the thing was it was just an showing… but there weren’t any progress in my download bar…it was at the same percentage but here in downloading speed it showing above 500…
    so i just closed the cheat engine and the download bar started to progress… please help me rectify this problem

  9. At very first i believed it works..But its not true..when cheat engine is started…Torrent only shows like its speed doubled..But the download will be normal…If you want to cross check..see the bit rate in your Network connection status..The rate fluctuation will be same with cheat engine and without it…So dont waste ur time in it..

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