Finally, Indian Rupee Got A New Symbol

Finally we have a new symbol in our Indian Rupee, after months of competition the union cabinet approved the design of young IIT post graduate, D Udaya Kumar.

It now a happiest moment for our country that now we too have the elite league symbol where only a few number of countries have their own distinct identity like UK, America, Japan, etc. D Udaya Kumar has used Devnagiri “Ra” as well as Roman “R” in his design, also 2 parallel lines gives the design an instant touch and no one can say it’s from US dollar as it reflects our Indian flag.

Top 5 designs which were selected before:

Till now minister have not mention the date when it will officially be used but she (Ambika Soni) hinted that it would take about 6 months in India and about 1-2 year to knows worldwide. But anyways D Udaya Kumar is the luckiest men (within 1 hour Google search About 338,000 results for his name) who won a cash award of Rs 2.5 lakhs after a rejection of thousands of entries.

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