Last Goal Makes Spain Won FIFA World Cup 2010

Now from all over the world included India people are being craziest toward this FIFA, even I can’t stop myself to share a joy which came after the last goal Spain made for Holland.

Really the whole match was electrifying you can’t miss a single second of it. Spain made a history in FIFA by winning first time FIFA World Cup 2010. I’ll have to keep this in mind that it’s just a short update not any technological news so should have to kill my emotion of writing a long review.

Many have believed and many will start believing on octopus with this WC10, I myself am still confused how an octopus (Paul) can predict who’s going to win a WC10 but yeah The German Octopus Prediction Was Right Again!! Spain has won FIFA World Cup 2010.
A Static of FIFA World Cup 2010
1st place – Spain
2nd place – Netherlands
3rd place – Germany

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3 thoughts on “Last Goal Makes Spain Won FIFA World Cup 2010”

  1. The celebration still on, Spain has made a history which will be keep in mind for years, Sad for Netherlands.

  2. Celebrations over now waiting for next Football world cup. I am eager to watch next world cup its been a sad moment in out country Brazil.

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