The Importance of Linkbuilding in Modern SEO

Links are vital for any blog. They can, of course, be understood to have two broad categories: inbound and outbound. They’re both worthwhile. Both types of links can also provide you with valuable information about what type of the niche your blog is appealing to and about how you may be able to market it more effectively. Here are some of the aspects of links that you should consider.

Outgoing Links in Blog Entries

It’s generally accepted that people leaving your site is a bad thing. It’s actually not that simple. When people come to your site and they find a link that leads them to something they really appreciate, you’re making a good impression on them and it’s likely that they’ll come back to your site. They will view your site as a reference, precisely because it is a reference.

When you link to an off-site location in a blog post, make sure that the link is relevant to what the post is about and that it actually enhances the blog post by providing interesting additional information for the reader. Consider, for a moment, that some of the most successful blogs in the world are made up largely of links to content that doesn’t even show up on the blog’s own site.

There are various utilities that allow you to inspect your links to make sure that none of them are broken. Make sure you run one of these once in a while. Search engines don’t like sites that have a lot of broken links on them and, if they start to build up on your site, it may start to have a negative effect on your search engine optimization efforts.


Inbound Links in Modern SEO

The best kind of inbound link you can have on your blog is an inbound link utilizing your keywords from a site with very high Page Rank and a lot of traffic. These are hard to come by. Most of the time, you’ll be getting links through directories, link swaps with other webmasters and other bloggers and, if you’re lucky, from any blog posts you’ve managed to publish on blogs much larger and more popular than your own. You need to make certain that these inbound links are of a high quality, just as is the case of outgoing links.

If you go to Google, you can execute a search to find out what sites link to your own. The syntax is: “” without the quotation marks and with the URL you want to know about replacing the sample URL. This will give you a list of sites that have inbound links to your own. Take a look at them and see if they’re the kind of sites that you actually do want to have inbound links from. If not, you may want to do a bit of reputation management to displace them in importance or get your link removed. Feel free like the kid below in modern SEO!


Including links in your blog posts to other posts within your site is generally considered to be a good idea, as well. It’s a particularly good idea if it actually serves the reader. It creates a situation where the reader can keep clicking links and going through your content, increasing the amount of time that they spend on your site.

Having good links on your blog can make sure that you are getting the most out of the work you put into it. WordPress templates make it easy to customize the look of your links, which ensures that readers see them and are more likely to click on them. WordPress also has many utilities that allow you to give links a more attractive format than they have by default.

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  1. Scary thing is too many inbound links from bad sites can hurt our ranking. It’s the one thing that our competitors can exploit by negative SEO. How can we deal with it if we cannot remove those links from those sites?

  2. Hello Irfan,

    One of my friends who is a top SEO consultant in ASIA told me that it is not a good practice to have links within your post after the recent updates.

    Can u please shed some light on this and also are you still offering the ad space for top commentators that you have mentioned in hell bound bloggers..


    1. Hello Rafi,

      Thank you for your comment. Regarding your question I would advice please read the article again you will find what this article have to say on your queries. Regarding the top commentator space, yes, space is available.

  3. Links plays always a big role in blogging whether it is outbound links or inbound links.These will be also help you to get a good pr as well as good rankings in the search engines.

  4. Links are really very important past for our bloging sites. When i start my blog, i am not so much known about links. My friend told us with the posting in blog, back links are also so much important. But i am not so satisfied with this. But when i read your post, i fill the importance of this. Thank you for this.

  5. I’ve been making quite a few links on my blog, but wonder how much time it takes for Google to index those links.. Can you please shed some light on it? Thanks!

    1. as far as links are concern; it get index in the very next update of Google. That’s the reason people start to built more link for their blog days before Google Update.

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