Steps to Make Password Protected Folder without 3rd Party Software

If you are serious about your data and prefer to keep them very secure away from the vision of others, then it is easily possible through password protection. Yes, you can make password protected folder. You can protect the folder with a defined password and lock the access. When a folder is password protected, none of your friends or colleagues or relatives can perform any activities.


Data prevention could be done in different ways. Among the many different methods, quite a few of them require 3rd party software for protection. Upon using the software, you could easily protect the data from the sight of others. There are still many ways you can protect the folder without any 3rd party software. If you are looking around to protect a folder without any additional software, then follow the fundamental procedures that are discussed here below.

Folder creation for storing data and folders

First you need to make a folder where you are ready to place the password protected data and folder. Creating folder is quite an easy job, which is done in a common way through clicking my computer, selecting the drive and further choosing New Folder found in the list. You can name the folder with any titles and locate them anywhere.


Procedure for choosing password protection option

Right click the defined folder and choose Properties and further select Advanced that is found under the General menu. Next click the check box which is found near the Encrypt Contents to secure data and select OK. You can then quit the window.


Keep this in Mind While You Make Password Protected Folder

Now select the radio button that is found near the Apply Changes to the Folder, sub-folder and files.

Doing so, you can easily protect the data from the vision of others. Also remember to keep the password safe, because even the owner of the document could be able to view the files only by giving the password. In case if you forget or misplace the password, the folder couldn’t be opened.


For this reason, it is wise to take a back up of the data which you prefer to encrypt. The data files and information which you prefer to encrypt could be stored over the NTFS Volume. In case of password dismiss, you can use the data from the back-up you have taken. Upon encrypting, you are now assured to store every piece of information confidentially and securely.

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