Mancx – Earn Money by Selling Your Knowledge

Today! Almost everyone is interested in making money online, few get succeed in it and few left with frauds. All are interested in gaining knowledge but none of us have thought of making money online by selling knowledge.
Mancx – The knowledge market is launched as a sort of classified ads site for business intelligence. In other words, it’s a knowledge market where you can buy and sell any information. There users are business people who need answers, and people who want to make money from their knowledge can answer there question to make money online.
People can place an ad with a request for the information they need. Mancx publish the request globally, and find the right person to answer that question. Each question or knowledge request has a price tag attached to it. And the person answer the question will get paid..
Mancx is the place on the internet where you can trade knowledge for money directly with other individuals. In this way people get the answer they didn’t have while doing Google, from you and you earn the price tag.
In 4 steps you can sell your information
2. Receive questions from Mancx, matching your profile
3. Upload information & get paid
4. Withdraw your earnings & have party!
And if you’re willing to spend money in getting information, follow these steps.
1. Visit Mancx.
2. Place an ad with a simple question
3. Choose an answer.
4. Pay and download the information.
5. Rate the seller and add him or her to your network.
For professional bloggers, mancx also have a way to get paid while interacting with your loyal readers. Using their new widget you’ll be able to enable to answer questions for money on your blog. It is an excellent opportunity to engage with readers in real business. Your readers think highly of you, and are willing to pay for your knowledge.


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