Mobile Phone Unlocking Techniques

While you may know that GSM phones can be used with all networks, there are a number of service providers that lock phones electronically. This would happen whenever gifts, discounts, and other special offers are being sent. For this situation, it may be a great help when you know the different ways of unlocking phones because you may actually be at a disadvantage.

Mobile Phone Unlocking TechniquesJust imagine, you might be out there shelling out a hefty sum for the roaming charges! That would be because you needed to get out of the network of a certain provider just so you can use your phone with any SIM or GSM service provider that you prefer wherever you are.

Thankfully, with the tips of unlocking phones readily available now, you may not need to worry about your phone being locked.

Before you check out the steps to getting yourself out of a locked phone, you may need to remember a few things first.

That may include few things:

  • Your mobile number
  • The model of your phone
  • The model number
  • It’s manufacturer
  • It’s network and country that it is locked from
  • And the 15-digit IMEI number of your mobile phone

This information is important because there are different phone carriers and models, and the ways of unlocking may vary from one to another.

Top Three  Ways of Getting Yourself Out of a Locked Phone:

One: Use Certain Equipment and Products Offered by Some Companies: Certain products and equipments can be used in getting yourself out of this type of quandary. There are some firms that offer this. But do bear in mind that these may be quite expensive at times. So, you may have to do your homework so you would know if the price given is the price that you would be willing to pay.

Two: Call for Help: What better and easier way to unlock your mobile by calling your service provider? Just inform them of your problem. There are times when you would be charged for the unlocking process.

Sometimes, they need a few week’s notice from you. There are also certain occasions when you are required to have stayed for a required minimum timeframe (like 12 months or so). Typically, though, you would be given a certain code that you need to type to unlock your mobile phone instantly.

Three: Have it Sent Back to the Company: There are instances when you may simply have to send your phone back to the company. They would unlock it for you and return it to you. For this, you may also have to pay a certain amount for this type of service.

There are still other ways of unlocking phones. But there are also cases when certain phones cannot be unlocked at all no matter what you do.


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