As you guys have notice Google is updating all its login pages from Gmail to YouTube but due to some reasons all of us are not seeing those new sign-in pages. So here in this article I’m going to show you the way to see Gmail’s new sign-in page. Also I’ll tell you why you are not getting Gmail new sign-in page.

Not Seeing Gmail New Sign-in Page? Here I Tell You Why
Okay! Before I start with how you can switch to its new login page. Let me clear few things, as people are having confusion. Actually people are in doubt whether they are on Google’s official sign-in page or in any fake page.

Recognize Between fake login pages and Google sign-in pages

So here I tell you how you can recognize between fake login pages and Google official sign-in pages. The Google sign-in page is a secure page, and you should see a lock icon in the address bar before the URL.

Not Seeing Gmail New Sign-in Page? Here I Tell You Why
You can also check the URL of the page, and make sure it says either or If you’re still not sure whether you’re on the actual sign-in page, just type directly into your address bar, and sign in from there.

See Gmail new sign-in page

So if you are still not able to see Gmail new sign-in page, you better follow this out. At the bottom of your sign-in page, you might see the option to preview you a new look. Once you click the link, the new sign-in page will become your default sign in page across all Google products that currently have the new design enabled.

Not Seeing Gmail New Sign-in Page Here I Tell You Why
The reason you are not seeing the new look by default is, as since Google is still in the process of making changes, you might face this problem sometimes.

I’m loving the new look of Gmail’s sign-in page but it doesn’t apply with all Gmail users so if you want to switch your old Gmail sign-in page, you have limited time. After it, Google will make it permanent and no one will be able to switch the old look back so if you want to get the old look now, you can bring the old version of the sign-in page by clicking the link – Back to old page at the bottom of the page.


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