Few Best Gaming Apps For Kids To Learn and Enjoy

Gaming apps are one of the best sources of entertainment for kids. They relieve children from the academic stress and sharpen their minds. Here is a list of some of the most popular and best gaming apps for kids.

Temple Run Oz

‘The Temple Run: Oz’ game is a cross-over between the highly successful game Temple run and the recent fantasy film by Disney called ‘Oz: The Great and Powerful’. Just like in the original Temple Run, the protagonist in the game grabs and idol runs endlessly to save himself from being killed by monsters.

In this game, you control the movements of Oscar Diggs, who is a great magician in the land of Oz. You will swipe across the touch screen to jump, duck, and change the direction of the running to escape from the flying baboons that try to harm him. It is available for Android as well as iOS.


Angry Birds Star Wars

This ridiculously funny game is again a cross-over between the ‘Angry Birds’ game and the ‘Star Wars’ movie franchise.

If your kid is a fan of Star Wars, then, this game will surely thrill him and make him glued to it for hours. It was an instant hit owing to the popularity of the original ‘Angry Birds’ by Rovio games.

All the birds are designed as popular characters in the movie like Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, C-3PO and R2.


Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a game with very cool characters and is set in Sydney. You play as a teen who runs on the subways for collecting coins while evading a fat policeman. Sufficient coins let you buy a surfing board with which you can travel on top of trains.

You can jump, slide, and sometimes even fly (if you can grab a rocket bag). The graphics of the game are very good and contribute a lot to the overall gaming experience.


Dropship is The Best Gaming Apps For Kids

Dropship is one of the best free games on Apple’s App Store. You control a ship and have to defy gravity while blasting enemy ships with a shooting gun.

Not only that, you can even get some help from your allies by watching the cave formations that are complex-vector based . To play this game, you need to use both your thumbs which takes a while to get used to.

Raging Thunder 2

This game app for Android is a sequel to Raging Thunder and is more popular than its predecessor. It is a 3D game where you control a racing car that competes with several other cars to reach the finish line at first place. The graphics are great and the landscape is interestingly designed.


Bam Bam Dash

Bam Bam Dash is an iOS game app which basically features controlling the motions of a cave man who looks like the lead character in The Flintstones.

He runs automatically and you need to help him avoid the obstacles and the large-toothed monsters. Spectacular graphics and helpful dinosaurs make the game a must for kids.


Froggy Jump

This game involves controlling the jumping of a green frog. You help it from escaping the obstacles. This is another game which is simple to learn and is very ideal for children between ages 7 to 12.


Frisbee Forever

This is a fantasy game where you control a plastic disk while it soars over pirate ships stuck in sand, desert canyons, through Ferris wheels. The game play is beautifully synced with pleasant music that gives a soothing effect to the mind which helps in relaxation.

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Five Ways to Keep Your Blog Fresh

Most entrepreneurs and companies today know that having a blog is one of the essential elements of success. The blog is another place to grow a brand, engage with customers and potential customers, and to have your own space to talk about things important to you and your business.

Setting up a blog and getting started is relatively easy today. Keeping up with a blog and keeping the content fresh is not always easy though. So, here are five ways keep your blog fresh and can get a better handle on your blog.

Switch Your Design

If you have been using the same theme or template for your site for a year or more, then it might be time to change things up a bit. Start looking at the different premium templates that are on the market today so that you can find one that is going to work well for your needs.

Look at the design of the theme, as well as the different features that it offers. Find something that will work well for your readers and that is not going to be such a departure from your old site that they think they’ve come to the wrong place. Unless you are re-branding, you are going to want to make sure that you keep your logos the same.


Use Infographics, Photos, and Videos

Sometimes, you might not have the time or the energy to come up with a post. Things can get in the way. Still, you want to make sure that you are posting consistently. Consider some multimedia options for your posts. Infographics are a great option, and you can find many premade graphics if you do not have the time or skill to create your own.

Photos and slide shows can be fun, and an easy way to fill a post without needing to write too much. Videos are another good option, and you will be able to find many different options when it comes to the type of video that you create.

Get Guest Posters to Write for Your Site

Sometimes, you might want to take a bit of a break from your regular writing chores. This happens to everyone. When you want to take a week off from blogging, you should find someone to fill in for you rather than leaving your blog blank.

Look for good guest posters who will be able to write about your niche or a topic near your niche. The post can help to ensure that your visitors still have something to read. When that blogger wants a break from his or her site, you will be able to fill in and write a guest post.

Give Your Readers a Voice

If you feel that your content might be flagging, consider soliciting some information from your readers. Put out a short post asking them about the types of topics they might like to see. When you have your readers adding their input about topics they want to see, you should be able to have enough things to write about for quite a while!


Write in Advance and Keep Your Blog Fresh

This is a tip that can go a long way in making your blogging life quite a bit easier. Look for some evergreen topics about your niche. If you write about VPN services dangers of not having the service, and others well in advance of when you post.

You can do this because the topics are always going to be relevant. Having these posts as a backup when you don’t have other things to run can help you through slow times.

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Space Settlers: The First Online Multi-player Sci-fi Game for iOS

If you are keen on Sci-fi stories and real-time strategy games, you may also love Space Settlers developed by Digiarty Software, Inc. in late 2012. This is the first online multi-player Sci-fi themed game for iOS devices including iPhone iPad iPod touch. The graphics are sharp, gameplay is easy, and the whole game is very addictive once you get started.

Graphics: It is created with dark blue color that makes you feel like walking in the cold outer space. All the hand-draw bases, buildings, weapons, and various accessories are splendid and of high level.

Storyline: It is about human intelligence and advanced technology. Based on Stephen Hawking’s theory and the discovery of God Particles, some explorers went to outer space for Dark Energy Crystal. It brought about space bottlers among different space settlers and legions.

The developer has released the first upgrade to Space Settlers with some new features:

  1. Added two PVE maps;
  2. Increased the upper limit of building and tech level to 60;
  3. Added a brand-new game mode “Land of Challenge” so that players can find coordinate [0,0] to take challenge ceaselessly. The winner will be awarded chariot accessories and weapons of high levels;

and so on.


Now let’s take a closer look at this online iOS game.

It features in mech combat which allows players to load their weapons according to their desires. Currently there are 25+ mech chariot types and 100+ accessories to meet players’ different needs. But remember in mind, to upgrade your weapons, you should gain more Dark Energy Crystals.

Besides, it is also real-time strategy game. It asks intelligence to fight with enemy legions/players, to gain more Dark Energy Crystals, and to occupy more planets. So, it is also important to choose legion before joining in.


You will also find Space Settlers interesting as you can invite your friends to fight with you together and chat with them online.

How to play Space Settlers?

  1. Download it for free from Apple App Store:
  2. Install it on your iPhone, iPad, and on iPod touch.
  3. Choose a server and create an account. Now totally 3 servers are available: Doom, Dawn, and Daylight.
  4. Start building your base and collect Dark Energy Crystals.

You can also visit the developer’s site here: http://www.iphogame.com/spacesettlers/

Steps to Make Password Protected Folder without 3rd Party Software

If you are serious about your data and prefer to keep them very secure away from the vision of others, then it is easily possible through password protection. Yes, you can make password protected folder. You can protect the folder with a defined password and lock the access. When a folder is password protected, none of your friends or colleagues or relatives can perform any activities.


Data prevention could be done in different ways. Among the many different methods, quite a few of them require 3rd party software for protection. Upon using the software, you could easily protect the data from the sight of others. There are still many ways you can protect the folder without any 3rd party software. If you are looking around to protect a folder without any additional software, then follow the fundamental procedures that are discussed here below.

Folder creation for storing data and folders

First you need to make a folder where you are ready to place the password protected data and folder. Creating folder is quite an easy job, which is done in a common way through clicking my computer, selecting the drive and further choosing New Folder found in the list. You can name the folder with any titles and locate them anywhere.


Procedure for choosing password protection option

Right click the defined folder and choose Properties and further select Advanced that is found under the General menu. Next click the check box which is found near the Encrypt Contents to secure data and select OK. You can then quit the window.


Keep this in Mind While You Make Password Protected Folder

Now select the radio button that is found near the Apply Changes to the Folder, sub-folder and files.

Doing so, you can easily protect the data from the vision of others. Also remember to keep the password safe, because even the owner of the document could be able to view the files only by giving the password. In case if you forget or misplace the password, the folder couldn’t be opened.


For this reason, it is wise to take a back up of the data which you prefer to encrypt. The data files and information which you prefer to encrypt could be stored over the NTFS Volume. In case of password dismiss, you can use the data from the back-up you have taken. Upon encrypting, you are now assured to store every piece of information confidentially and securely.

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4 Amazing VLC Media PLayer Tips & Tricks

VLC media player is probably the best media player in terms of supported video formats and available set of functionalities. There are a lot of cool things that we can do with VLC player. Do you know that it allows you to record and convert media files from one format to another, take snapshots, stream online content, and also lets you broadcast media online. Have a look …

How to Take Snapshots with VLC Media Player

You can take multiple snapshots of the Video being played. For this, click ‘View’ on menu bar and select ‘Advanced Controls’.


On doing so a new set of controls will become visible on the screen. (Highlighted in red in Screen Shot above). Now, play the video as usual and at any instance you feel like capturing the shot, just click on the small camera icon button. Simple!

The adjacent red button on advanced bar can be utilized to record the section of video. Click once to initiate recording from current point. The captured images and videos can be easily obtained under My Documents Folder.

Streaming Online Media

You can also stream online media on VLC media player. The procedure is extremely simple. For example, you desire to play a video from YouTube then copy the URL of the webpage and click on file menu followed by a click on ‘Open Location From Clipboard’. Yep! Nothing extra required.

This video will play like any other video file provided you have enough bandwidth to support playback. The interesting part is that the recording options mentioned above worked without any issue.

Media Conversion:

VLC Media Player offers you numerous ways to convert files from one format to another. To my wonder, why people waste so much time and efforts looking for a video-converter when they already have VLC installed on their PC. Just see how simple it is:

  • Open file menu and select “Convert/ Save”.


  • Then add the media to be converted and click on ‘Convert / Save’ button. You can now set quality attributes under settings.
  • Next, click on browse button to specifying the name and destination for converted file.


  • Next, click on save button and wait a while till processing completes.

Streaming Online with VLC Media Player Tips

You can easily stream files, CDs, DVDs, Webcam, and digital TV. Click on ‘Stream’ option available under file menu.


Next, you require selecting the destination. The destination drop down has multiple options and rest of the procedure will vary as per selection made by you. I must make it clear that this is about technical process and it will be nice to refer the official documentation for further instructions.

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Top 5 Desktop Blogging Tools

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a full-time professional blogs, every second counts in blogging, desktop Blogging tools are one of the best tools to sharply increase productivity and saves hours logging into your admin panel, writing and formatting the posts. It is a hefty process.

Desktop Blogging tools make your life significantly easier, I’ve shortlisted a few of the best tools. But before that, let’s have an overview of Benefits of Desktop Blogging tools.

Benefits of Desktop Blogging Tools

  • Manage Multiple blogs hosted by Multiple Platforms.
  • Save countless hours, without having the need to access the admin panel each time.
  • Manage Drafts and Previous auto saves.
  • Simple Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Primitive image editing features.

Windows Live Writer


Windows Live Writer, coming from the line of Windows, lives up to it’s name sake. It provides numerous intuitive features like multiple blog accounts, formatting options. Automatic Spell check, etc.

You can manage all your blogs under one roof. It also offers seamless, hassle-free integration with Flickr and Photo bucket images. You can even add watermarks to your images.

Platforms Supported: Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, Windows Spaces.



BlogDesk is an exceptional tool which has multi-lingual support. You can manage several blogs hosted of numerous platforms. However, the only drawback is it’s incapability of working with Blogger blogs.

A multi-lingual Spell checker is also embedded in this tool. It is also bundled with unique image editor. You can automatically ping the links to search engines.

Platforms Supported: WordPress, Drupal, Serendipity and ExpressionEngine Forum integration.



MarsEdit is one of the intriguing desktop blogging tools. You can integrate with other text editors in addition to the default WYSIWYG editor. It supports and is compatible to integrate with almost every blog platform.

It has a neat and minimalist user interface. You can preview the blog post on the web, before publishing it.

Platforms Supported: WordPress, Typepad, Vox, TypePad, Movable Type, LiveJournal, Drupal, Joomla, etc.



WBlogger is embedded with hundreds of keyboard shortcuts, which makes writing, editing and formatting processes a lot easier and quicker. It is portable, you can share or carry the file on your flash drive. It’s basically plug and play, without having to install the software.

Platforms Supported:  TypePad, BigBlogTool, Blogalia, TheBlog, Blog-City, Wordpress, Xanga, Upsaid, Blogware, Blogger/Blogspot, DearDiary, Squarespace, ERABlog, Theblog, Blogalia and various other platforms.

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Five Amazing Tips to Earn Money Online

In order to easily earn money online you have to work on strategies established before. There are a lot of ways by which you can earn money, but article marketing is well established and easy from all of them. There are some tips on which you can work easily and efficiently which will help you to earn huge income online.

Write Interesting and Popular Articles

Make interesting and most searched articles and make sure that the topic on which you are making is popular and searched by maximum viewers. If your articles will be read by visitors, it will create traffic on any website to your resource box.

Articles on Popular Topics

The best thing you have to do is to find such contents for article that readers most probably find for or headline or hot topic of that certain day. You can easily manage it from any web article based site or online debates.

In order to write a good article you have to think like a reader. Your mind automatically directs you towards the thing reader most probably finds in the article. This method will lead you to be a good writer and teach you that how anybody can amazingly earn money online.

Make Well Designed Resource Box

If you are unaware of it, you can take advice from expert author sections. Your articles can help many readers and they can find many products which you are promoting. You can also hyperlink the keywords of your subjects which will help the reader to search your article easily and it will increase your rank at search engines.

Increasing traffic for your articles is your ultimate goal which will surely increase your earning. And the only way to get this income is to make good and interesting articles.

Make Your Articles Simple

Don’t overdo on your article, make it as simple as possible. It will nullify mistakes as well make your article interesting. Try to focus on primary theme, don’t elaborate much. This will help you to make effective article. Readers will like it and click more to your page.

Earn Money Online on Multiple Niches

Try to take advantage of the hot topic by writing multiple niches. This will make your article creative from others. The only thing you have to keep in your mind is to write these in a simple manner.

earn money online

You can have plenty of jobs to do online from various online sources and many of them offer you amazing income. Start up with your swipe file. Collect the information of all time of the hot topics that you can use on your upcoming articles. This will help you to establish your image as a professional writer and guarantee that you are going to make more articles online.

And most importantly you are earning an amazing wages for the same. Hence, use the above tips which will make your earning easy through online jobs. Surely, it will be amazing as well as fun when you do it rather than reading.

Summary: The above tips will surely help you out making you earn money online.

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Top 5 Best WhatsApp Alternatives

5 Best WhatsApp Alternatives – Messaging through your smartphone is great. It’s also one of the main uses of a smartphone, or any mobile phone for that matter.  And using apps like WhatsApp have been even more helpful in bridging communication gaps, as they allow users to interact in ways which seem to be the middle ground between online chatting and text messaging. The popularity of these types of apps tells us how well they have truly been received. Undoubtedly, WhatsApp has changed the face of texting and messaging.

Unfortunately WhatsApp has been coming under a lot of fire lately. It’s a third-party app and is always susceptible to some sorts of malware and spyware – potentially tuning everyone to the dangers of WhatsApp spy. Hence if you want to keep yourself secure, you might want to try out these alternative apps.

Top 5 Best WhatsApp Alternatives

1 – Viber


A very popular app which is available for all platforms, Viber is the go to app for users looking for something that can satisfy them as WhatsApp could. Viber also uses contact numbers for identification. To use it, an access code is sent to your mobile device that checks your address book to see who else is using Viber and connects you to them. An advantage of Viber is that you can use it to call contacts as well.

2 – Line


Line is also a fast growing app and boasts of being used in over 230 countries and being the most downloaded app in the world. Line uses its database to save your number and then connect you with other Line users who are your phone contacts. A plus point that Line has is that it allows users to reply messages with a PC or Mac OS program if you register your phone number with an existing email account. You can also call contacts.

3 – WeChat


This app also allows users to connect across platforms and boasts of text as well as voice messaging. The app is free and comes with many additional features and settings. With WeChat a user can conduct one to many chats and photo/video sharing, as well as location sharing. This app also provides support for social network feeds and plug-ins such as ‘Shake’ and ‘Look Around’.

4 – Groupme


The name already suggests that this app is perfect for people looking to communicate in groups. You use the app by logging in with your email account, and of course it’s a free app so you don’t have to bother with any payments. The best part about this app is perhaps that in cases where some users don’t have 3G connections, they can still receive messages by paying a certain fee if they choose to.

5 – Kik Messenger


Kik is another app which is spreading like wild-fire, already it has about 30 million users worldwide. To register and use, one has to log on with an email address, choose a username and then find other uses to connect with. The app can send messages to both groups as well as individuals. Despite not being able to call contacts, Kik still provides an easy to use interface which seems to have most people satisfied with its performance.

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4 Best Apps For Blogging Using An Ipad

The iPad is one of the most desired gadgets for geeks and real bloggers who find it irresistible. The inclusion of different apps in iPad makes blogging easier, faster and as good as blogging from your laptop or personal computer. And like any other gadgets that are admired by bloggers, there are numerous iPad apps available for blogging. Here is a list of 4 best apps for blogging that give you the freedom to write, edit and post on the go.

1. Blogsy

Blogsy is one of the best iPad apps every blogger must have. It does the job for typing, editing and formatting text on your iPad before posting on your blog. The app allows bloggers to write posts with a clear and functional interface and even send them out to multiple blog platforms including Blogger, WordPress, Posterous, Joomla and TypePad. The main strength of Blogsy is the ability to create new blog posts offline in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

In addition to editing text, bloggers can use this app to add pictures by simple drag and drop into their blog posts. You can also insert images from the camera roll or photo sharing sites. For WordPress-run blogs, Blogsy supports the featured image function. The app also handles YouTube embedding, although it’s not compatible with all blogs. Blogsy is simply the best iPad app to post pictures and videos on your blog.


Blogsy is available for download from iTunes at $4.99

2. BlogPress

BlogPress is easy to use and supports multiple blog platforms, WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Joomla, tumbler, SqaureSpace, – all from one little app on your iPad. It is a paid app for bloggers that comes with incredibly rich features allowing you to edit or publish your post anytime, anywhere. You can also create drafts online and save them on your blog host for later publication.

In addition, Blogpress allows you to announce your posts automatically on Facebook and Twitter. It is also possible to add an automatic signature to the end of your blog entries posted from your iPad. Videos and images can be added to blog posts as well and the saving options are very flexible. What’s more is that the app has features like YouTube integration, HTML inserts and a user-friendly photo uploader.


Blog Press is available for a download from iTunes at $2.99.

3. Aviary

Aviary is a popular online photo editing app for iPad. It is an all-inclusive photo editor and practically everything you can ever want to do on your iPad. Both Blogsy and Blogpress allow you to add photos in your posts, but the image editing capability of these apps isn’t that great. On the contrary, Aviary does a much better job at it, and the best part is that it’s free.

It’s also the ideal tool for editing images and sharing them easily across all social media platforms. The app allows you to shoot new photos or takes them from your camera roll. Immediately you are done editing, a new edition of the picture is saved back to the camera roll and you can later upload it through WordPress or Blogsy. Some of the best features offered by this app include orientation, auto-enhancement, cropping, contrast, brightness, saturation, hue, sharpness, red-eye removal, and so on.


Aviary is available for a free download from iTunes

4. Mind Meister

Mind Meister is probably the best iPad app every blogger must have. Mind mapping is not the most complex thing to do on a personal computer, and it becomes even easier on an iPad. Mind Meister is an incredible tool for improving your blogging productivity. With the multi-touch interface available you can make your blogging truly effortless. And, the app itself is very straightforward, offers a lot of exciting features, and it is free! You can quite easily create boundless mind maps, synchronize them using the online interface and then export them to other formats. If you have a busy lifestyle this is the best iPad app for your blogging efforts.


Mind Meister is also available for a free download from iTunes

Blogging has become easy and accessible to everyone and you can actually post nice-looking updates, with geo-tagging, photographs and videos – all from your iPad. With the right selection of apps, it’s now easy to blog on the go and keep your loyal blog readers engaged, right from your iPad!

This Guest Post is written by: Tom Jones who writes for make-a-web-site.com – for more information on their blog creation tips.If you would like to guest post at RealTimeTricks, check our guest posting guidelines.