Playing Games Can Increase Your Typing Speed

If you’re about to give an interview where typing is the first thing your jobs required then this must be for you. Not only for the candidates but also for anyone who uses internet, fast typing is required everywhere.

To learn typing you doesn’t need any big software, I know there are many sites which teach their readers the way to increase typing speed but here I’ll show you the easiest and the most fun way to learn, how to increase your typing speed.
Visit Ztype and start playing the game to increase your typing speed, as shown in the screenshot you just need to watch the word and by typing you can destroy if it comes to the bottom your game will be over, starting from the easiest first level you can clear as much as you can. 

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  1. I’m considering a career as a paralegal but, will never type very fast. I have permanent nerve/tendon damage in my right hand fingers and could probably never get any faster than say 30-35-40 w/p/m and maintain any accuracy. Is a fast typing speed a basic requirement in the paralegal profession? Would I basicaly be considered disqualified? Any and all responses appreciated. Thank you.

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